"...Our most recent move from the UK back to Ottawa proved to be particularly trying as a result of the extensive damage to our stored furniture. I cannot overstate the relief my wife and I felt when you showed up on our doorstep and, after surveying the damages, confidently assured us that all would be put back to its original state.
We now have all the pieces back. You have done an outstanding repair job. Our furniture has never looked better and there's no sign of any of the damages. Your expertise and courtesy were much appreciated, as were the competent and helpful services of your staff. We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and assistance in dealing with our insurers and in delivering your services..."

Robert R., Ottawa, 2007

"...You...will want to know of the superb workmanship with which Samir Baliki and his colleagues at Griffin's Head have crafted our new chesterfield: it is a near-perfect replica of the one which was lost, displaying all the light elegance, clean style and simple proportions of the original hand-made piece. It has been upholstered in the British fabric which we had left over from an earlier re-upholstering flowing our 1992 return from London, and is faithful in every way both to the original accompanying chair which remained, and to the general grace of our living room. Together with the deftly repaired (and flawlessly refinished) Georgian tables, the antique bed frame which Griffin's Head re-stained and re-glued, the silver candelabra and chests of drawers which have been resuscitated with the Griffin's Head flair, our house has once again returned to being our home
Griffin's Head is to be congratulated for the reliable, pleasant and efficient manner in which they undertook this work, and for the obvious highly professional result of their efforts..."

John S., Ottawa, January 2006

"Merci, Samir, d'avoir fait un si beau travail sur notre vieille table de chene. Anne et moi sommes plus que tres satisfaits; nous sommes tres heureux. Nous avons egalement apprecie la visite et la sagesse de votre ami Elie Zamat. Bruno egalement."

Royal G., Orleans